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WIFXA has over seven years of experience trading multiple financial instruments from currencies and spot metals to the major stock markets of the world. Over this time we have gathered and refined the knowledge needed to be consistent, profitable traders.

Price Action Mastery

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The Trading Desk of Waqar Ibrahim offers the following courses:

  1. Price Action Mastery Mentorship
  2. Institutional Scalping Mentorship
  3. Advance Technical Analysis Course (launching soon)
  4. Professional Trader Course – 15 week Mentorship ( launching soon)

Our courses are the most comprehensive trading or investor course on the market today. These courses are packed full of effective and profitable content, the programme is suitable for beginners and more experienced traders.

Our aim is not only to offer these course, but to provide fully controlled mentorship which includes, not only recorded contents, but intense assignments and live one to one and small groups sessions with supervised demo training to make sure each and every student of WIFXA graduates as a successful, profitable trader.

All you need to do is to follow your mentor, forget what you knew previously, and you will not realise how easily you will become a successful trader.