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Author: Will Haimerl

Will Haimerl has been working with Teespring for years, and we’ve seen witnessed his constant success. He has demonstrated his ability as both a leading print on demand marketer and world class coach. POP Blueprint is a reflection of his expertise and experience in the space. His presentation style is easy to view and simple to follow. We are excited to have people use his training to learn how to become successful Teespring sellers.

Necklace Blueprint

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Will Haimerl here, I’m a top tshirt seller on Teespring and a top seller of necklaces on Gearbubble.  You may or not know me from my flagship site, PPC-Coach.com.  I’ve trained over 10,000 marketers since 2007 and have launched quite a few products over the past several years.  The only thing is I did them most of them internally with my own lists!
So today I’ve got one of my BEST products I’ve ever put out there. This is PERFECT for just before the holidays when not many others are doing mid ticket launches like this! (What a perfect gift to yourself, wonderful commissions just before Christmas.)
Necklace Blueprint
Potentially $248.50 commission to you.  $497 price on the front end, no upsell, means $248.50 in your pocket!
This could be your top converting offer for 2015.  I do not just sell something and walk away, I am committed to providing the best follow up support out there.  So why bother with this one?  Simple, it’s a unique system with TONS OF PROOF!  (I do this stuff daily, there is no theory involved).  So here’s what is in there:
– a 4 week course drip feed with each week automatically showing every 7 days
– proof with 43 sales in 17 hours on our Early Bird Exclusive beta launch with Don Wilson, (yes THE Don Wilson), (documented in the sales video on the sales page)
– a dedicated Facebook group for 24/7 support and masterminding
– 4 weekly live question and answer webinars
– 2 cash contests for members inside the Facebook group in weeks 2 and 4
– 1,000+ unit sold campaign shown with full screenshots

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