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About Which Elliott Wave Scenario Is the Right One Course

Make it easy on yourself

Sometimes, it can seem tricky to choose between wave patterns.

“Is this a 5 or a 3?” — “Is that a complete ABC, or is that just wave A?” — “What degree is that?”

We’ve been there, too. But it doesn’t have to be this hard.

This 1-hour online, on-demand lesson teaches you how to make picking the best wave count easy.

Learn to pick “best” and “next best” wave counts FAST

In wave analysis, “best” and “next best” wave scenarios are called “primary” and alternate” wave counts.

And picking between them is actually very easy. You just have to focus on 4 things:

  • Elliott wave rules
  • Elliott wave guidelines
  • Fibonacci analysis
  • Putting it all together

This on-demand course teaches you how to apply all 4 — to any price chart.

You learn by watching real-market charts

In this 1-hour, rapid-fire lesson, Jeffrey Kennedy shows you charts of 3 stocks:

 Kansas City Southern (NYSE: KSU)

 Veeva Systems Inc (NYSE: VEEV)

 Eli Lilly and Co (NYSE: LLY)

 Total Runtime: 61:47

Real markets, real-life Elliott wave application, hands-on learning.

About Elliott Wave International


Elliott Wave International has been known as one of the leading platforms for intensive courses and training programs about Elliott Wave theories. There are over 25 analysts working as instructors and researchers at Elliott Wave International, which is the main power behind the high quality courses and training programs. The explicit instructions on applicable methods and strategies based on Elliott Waves, as well as the principles, etc. are shared in the comprehensive courses of Elliott Wave International by the veteran traders and analysts. Your instructor of Which Elliott Wave Scenario is the Right One by Elliott Wave International is Jeffrey Kennedy, who has been professionally trading for over 20 years with this classic and time – tested methods. The blending between theories and practices is found in this course, and many others by Jeffrey Kennedy.

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