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Join David’s Weis Wave webinar and get the indicator plugin in Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar from Trading Psychology Edge

The Weis Wave plugin, which will be provided as a part of Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar product, is the result of 30 years of research to develop the most accurate representation of volume. This plugin’s insights are a huge help in forecasting trend shifts of varied degrees. Anyone who has seen intraday price movement understands that it occurs in a succession of buying and selling waves, a process of building up and pulling down. When the natural movement of prices is constrained by time, the trend remains obvious while volume suffers. Subdividing volume into time periods obscures the underlying purchasing and selling power. The Weis Wave Plugin generates wave charts as well as the associated wave volume.

The webinar included in Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar product offered by Trading Psychology Edge teaches you how to use Weis Wave indicator with the mentorship of David Weis, a 40-year advanced learner and expert in the Wyckoff Method. David’s advanced personal research led him to design the Weis Wave, which was derived from Richard Wyckoff’s superior Tape Reading Techniques. The Weis Wave aggregates market volume, along with price, into Wave Charts. It is the only program that offers this unique and extremely useful insight into the underlying market structure.

After a successful purchase, you will get both the webinar recordings and the Weis Wave plugin in the package of Weis Wave Plugin and Webinar product offered by Trading Psychology Edge.

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