War Room Technicals Package (Vol. 1 – Vol. 4) – Trick Trades

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The War Room Technicals Package (Volume 1 – 4) of Trick Trades consists of 4 courses in the War Room series to teach you a variety of technical trading skills.

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$214.00 $1,788.00

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Take your trading results to a higher level with War Room Technicals Package (Volume 1 – 4) provided byTrick Trades

For a limited time, Trick Trades is offering the War Room Technicals Package (Volumes 1 – 4) for only one time payment. Even in the realm of day trading, there are plenty of gurus and mentors who are nothing more than sharks out to make off with your money. In other words, they’re just regurgitating and recycling old information that’s been available for years and years. They sense blood in the water when someone completely new enters the day-trading market. Untold numbers of individuals have been scammed and deceived into thinking that there is just one method to earn money in the stock market. The War Room Technicals Package (Volume 1 – 4) was put together by Pat Mitchell and Trick Trades to provide traders like you a comprehensive training that actually works and makes them more consistent.

What you will get inside this Trick Trades special bundle

War Room Technicals Vol. 1

By taking this course, you’ll learn how Pat overcomes his own fear and mental barriers by educating other traders in a way that anybody can comprehend via screen sharing. There are almost 2 hours of educational content in the War Room Technicals Vol. 1 alone.

War Room Technicals Vol. 2

The War Room Series’ Technicals Vol. 2 is a follow-up to the very popular Technicals Vol. 1 release. To help his students reach the pinnacle of their trading abilities, Pat Mitchell offers some never-before-taught trading methods and approaches in this course. As with the first volume, War Room Technicals Vol. 2 is packed with information that Pat would not divulge in any other forum or book.

War Room Technicals Vol. 3

Once again, this is part of the Technicals series, and it contains some highly sought-after techniques and solutions to typical issues that traders encounter on a regular basis. Pat devotes a significant portion of the video content in this issue to trading the open. It’s common for traders to be apprehensive about making transactions straight early, which results in them losing money and throwing the day into chaos. Now you can receive professional assistance and learn how to smash the open, make money straight away, and enjoy the rest of the day with expert guidance. When it comes to making money in the first 15 minutes after the bell, he goes deep and answers some often asked questions. The methods are set out so clearly that any concerns you had about making trades immediately after the open will be crushed.

War Room Technicals Vol. 4

Here we have a follow-up to War Room: Technicals Vol. 1, which was a huge success. Pat reveals some never-before-seen tactics and approaches to help his members reach the pinnacle of their trading abilities once again in this episode of his popular trading podcast. While Pat explores many fascinating methods, he also divulges some shocking information about his own option trading approach. Only Pat can reveal these techniques at his 2-hour seminar, so don’t miss out.

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Trick Trades is a day trading platform for traders who are new to the market or have some previous experience. This business may be beneficial to new day traders who have never traded before. Regardless matter your degree of interest in the stock market or day trading, these courses will teach you something that other free resources will not. To his friends and family, Patrick Mitchell is known as Trick. He is the brains behind Tricktrades’ trading platform and also serves as its CEO. To make money and change careers, he founded this Trick Trades business in response to the local financial crisis and a decrease in oil prices.

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