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Manage your emotions with War Room Psychology Volume 2 from Tricktrades

War Room Psychology Volume 2 is a follow-up to the extremely popular War Room series, which began with the first volume. Pat Mitchell pulls back the veil on his top-secret one-on-one mentorship sessions and provides some incredible psychology-based training and strategies to help his members reach the pinnacle of their trading careers. These are the types of instructional classes that you will never see from any other instructor anywhere else in the country. And, like with volume 1, they are top-secret techniques that have not been revealed anywhere else previously.

Here’s just some of what you’ll acquire through the War Room Psychology Volume 2 from Tricktrades:

  • Why self-talking out loud during a transaction may be quite effective. Excellent advice on how to overcome your own negative mentality
  • How to get focused on your approach and not be concerned with switching biases during the day
  • The best way to safeguard your winnings and score a large deal after you believe the game is finished How to finally achieve the balance you’ve been seeking for
  • Why the highs and lows of yesterday are significant
  • Learn how to avoid utilizing the “what if…?” scenario in your life
  • Profit on market volatility in order to make large gains
  • A simple method for overcoming FOMO and becoming significantly more calm
  • The psychology of being able to trade well when you just have a limited amount of time, and much more.

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