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The War Room Psychology Package Volume 1-4 by Trick Trades is a bundle of 4 courses covering a complete strategy to deal with your psychology in trading.

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$214.00 $1,788.00

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War Room Psychology Package Volume 1-4 byTrick Trades – Where you get the most comprehensive training for your emotion

To win in the financial markets, traders must possess a broad variety of skills. These abilities include the capacity to evaluate a company’s fundamentals and estimate its stock price direction. Trader mentality is more important than any of these technical skills. Maintaining a positive frame of mind is essential for successful trading. To limit the influence of emotions and prejudices, you’ll discover how to strengthen your trading psychology in Trick Trades’ War Room Psychology Package Volumes 1-4.

To become a successful day trader, you must overcome a number of challenges. Thus, day traders face a wide range of psychological issues on a regular basis. Psychology in the War Room offers a rare look into the brains of genuine traders and the challenges they encounter on a daily basis. The War Room Psychology Package (Volumes 1-4) taught by Trick Trades creator Pat Mitchell includes all you need to know about trading psychology and how to cope with your emotions.

Trading psychology may have a direct impact on your performance, therefore you should be aware of it. Maintaining an awareness of the complexity of the human mind is essential, since thoughts may influence behaviors. The less likely you are to be misled by illogical emotions, the more you understand about trading’s psychological components and how to exploit them to your advantage. You may meet the same issues that Pat Mitchell addresses in his War Room Psychology Package Volumes 1-4: mental obstructions. Additionally, you’ll learn how to prevent losing all you’ve worked so hard for.


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  • War Room Psychology Package Vol. 1
  • War Room Psychology Package Vol. 2
  • War Room Psychology Package Vol. 3
  • War Room Psychology Package Vol. 4


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Trick Trades Course Snack
Trick Trades Course Snack

When Pat Mitchell came up with the concept for Trick Trades, an online platform that gives traders with extensive education as well as a broad selection of extra tools to help them in their trades, the world went crazy. Obtaining up-to-the-minute market information, such as the results of the day’s Fed meetings, the day’s watch list, Big Cap time-sensitive news, and what experienced traders are searching for on a daily basis is easy with the help of the Trick Trades website. The instruction you’ll get from Trick Trades is somewhat more extensive, and it may be just what you’re searching for to assist you in your day trading endeavors. Our ability to limit our degree of risk is the only thing we have when it comes to the stock market. Pat Mitchell’s knowledge and experience in this industry provides you with a competitive advantage that might swiftly transform your fortunes.

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