W.D.Gann – On Tops and Bottons

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On Tops and Bottons

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Gann on Tops and Bottoms

[The following are excerpts from Gann commodity courses. Apart from Gann’s normally cryptic style, they
are rendered the more cryptic by my having pulled them out of the context of the courses in question.
There are, nonetheless, several useful indications in the material.
[With this post, I wish to remember my chat friend and Gann analyst — known in Yahoo! chat as
blither_blather — who perished in New York City in the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. Although we only
chatted with each other a few times, his loss as much as anything has inspired me to want to understand
Gann’s work. I am grateful for this opportunity to rededicate myself to that goal in his memory.]


1. Resistance levels made by market fluctuations.
2. Natural resistance levels in the squares and 360 degree circle.
3. Geometrical angles.
4. Time cycles and time periods.
5. Squaring out price with time from tops and bottoms.
6. Odd and even squares and the half way points between both odd and even squares.
7. Weekly high and low charts, angles that form on it.
8. Monthly high and low charts, angles that form from tops and bottoms.
9. Natural time cycles based on the 360 degree master chart.
Of the above the most important is the geometrical angle, because they measure time with price and show
when the market is overbalanced on the up or down side.

Author: W.D.Gann

W. D. Gann’s market timing techniques are sought after, because few technical disciplines offer reliable timing methods. Gann actually offers several methods of predicting market turns, tops, and bottoms. Each serves a different purpose, and each works better on specific markets. Gan’s mastery is realized by determining which turn technique corresponds to which market and time frame.

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