W.D.Gann – Mathematical Formulas for Market Predictions

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Mathematical Formulas

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W.D. Gann MATHEMATICAL FORMULA FOR MARKET PREDICTIONS THE MASTER MATHEMATICAL PRICE TIME AND TREND CALCULATION This chart is made on transparent plastic so that you can place it over daily, weekly, or monthly high or low chart and see at a glance the position on the time and place based on the geometrical angles. It is designed to give QUICK ACCURATE EASY CALCULATIONS: SAVE TIME AND PREVENT ERRORS. The square of 12 is always important in working out time periods because there are 12 month in a year. The square of 144 is the GREAT SQUARE and works better than any others square both for TIME AND PRICE because it contains all of the squares from 1 to 144.

This chart is divided up into sections of 9 both for time and price because 9 is the highest digit.

Nine spaces on the daily chart equals 9 days, 9 weeks or 9 month in time periods and 9 equals 9c on grains, 9 points on stocks or 90 points on cotton on the daily high and low chart. One column in the square of 144 contains 144. This would equal $144 on grain, 144 points on stocks or using a scale of 10 points to 1/8 inch it will equal 1140 points on cotton. MASTER 144 SQUARE CONTAINS 324 square inched and each square inch contains 64 units which gives 20,736.

This is 20,736 weeks or months and the proportionate parts of this are used for the measurement of time and price because this is the great cycle. THE GREAT CYCLE OF THE SQUARE OF 144. The time period of this square is 20,736 days, weeks or months. Onehalf(1/2) is 10,368 days. One-fourth(1/4) is 5,184 days. One-eighth(1/8) is 2,592 days. One-sixteenth(1/16) is 1,296 days. One-thirty-second(1/32) is 648 days and the one-sixty-four(1/64) is 324 calendar or market days. 1/128 is 162 days and 1/256 is 81 days or the square of 9. WEEKLY TIME PERIODS. THE GREAT CYCLE in weeks is 2962 and 2 days and 1/2 of this period is 1481 weeks and 1 day. One-fourth is 740 weeks. One-eighth 370 weeks and 2 days, One-sixteenth is 185 weeks, 1 day.

Author: W.D.Gann

W. D. Gann’s market timing techniques are sought after, because few technical disciplines offer reliable timing methods. Gann actually offers several methods of predicting market turns, tops, and bottoms. Each serves a different purpose, and each works better on specific markets. Gan’s mastery is realized by determining which turn technique corresponds to which market and time frame.

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