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A general introduction of the Virtual Intensive Trader Training from Futexlive

Virtual Intensive Trader Training is a four-week training course designed by traders for traders. You can watch live or at a time convenient for you because the videos are preserved to improve your experience. Futexlive’s Virtual Intensive Trader Training includes daily live lectures presented in dedicated training rooms on a variety of vital topics such as:

  • Cash and Derivative Markets: expertise of fixed income, currency, commodity, and stock index asset classes in cash and derivative markets.
  • Trading Macroeconomics: a thorough understanding of the many elements that influence market movements, such as significant economic data points and central bank monetary policy.
  • Learn how to analyze and analyze a wide range of measures, including candlestick patterns, footprint charts, and market profile theory, to make effective trading decisions.
  • Understanding the relevance of your attitudes and beliefs in trading, as well as how to execute like an expert, is covered in Trading Psychology.
  • Price Action, Volume, and Order Flow: Understand how experts read the tape and master the fundamentals of market execution with direct market access on the price ladder.
  • Trading Strategies/Setups: Gain insight into the trading strategies, set-ups, and pattern plays employed by some of our top traders and outstanding performers.
  • Money and Risk Management: Discover how the probability and risk-reward of your trading setups are the foundations of your projected return, as well as how to successfully manage your money during a trading week.
  • Regulation: Get familiar with the most important market rules.
  • Current Affairs: Understand the current events that are influencing market sentiment, as well as the politics that drive market movements in the short to medium term.

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FutexLive is a cutting-edge, completely interactive online trader-knowledge site created by traders for traders, offering world-class trader education, live trader analysis, trade setups, professional trader mentorship, and trader talent scouting for financial backing. FutexLive’s goal is to pave the way for the future generation of trader education. Using the Group’s cumulative experiences, as well as input from industry experts and academics, we have produced a number of training courses and seminars with the goal of teaching, coaching, and assisting those individuals who are committed to pursuing a new career in trading.

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