Udemy – Get the most out of Weekly Options with WeeklyMAX

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Get the most out of Weekly Options with WeeklyMAX

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Get the most out of Weekly Options with WeeklyMAX

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Master Weekly Options for income

Understand all the risks and rewards

Weekly Options have exploded in the last couple of years.

For very good reasons..They can be very powerful..

Maximize the opportunities from both debit and credit trades..

Give yourself an “edge” on every weekly options trade..

Presenting the WeeklyMAX System

  • Using Weekly Options for most Options strategies
  • Maximize the rewards from Long options and Debit spreads
  • Manage trades using sophisticated techniques
  • Reap benefits from time decay the “smart” way
  • Structure and manage credit spreads and Iron condors
  • Maximize the opportunities from Time spreads
  • Master the use of Calendars and Double Calendars
  • Learn to trade Diagonals and Doubles using Weeklies
  • Create a consistent 3 to 4% consistent weekly income plan
  • Clearly understand the risk points and learn how to avoid them
  • Learn the adjustment techniques when trades go against you
  • Much much more..This is your last stop for Weekly Options
  • Watch the on-demand webinar here..It’s FREE..(coming soon)