Troy Dean – Wp Elevation Blueprint 2019

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Author: Troy Dean

Troy Dean is the co-founder of WP Elevation and Video User Manuals. Troy helps WordPress consultants build successful businesses through webinars, coaching, speaking, consulting and heading up the awesome community at WP Elevation. The reason I get out of bed every day is because I love helping WordPress consultants build a successful business. I do this through webinars, coaching, speaking, consulting and heading up the awesome community at WP Elevation.

Wp Elevation Blueprint 2019

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Start, Grow or Scale  Your Web Design or Digital Marketing Agency
Standing out as a web designer and developer is an integral part of success. Unfortunately, your excellent graphic design or coding skills are no longer enough to skyrocket your client list and revenue. Nowadays, people expect to work with a web developer who also runs an efficient business.
Currently, 46% of small businesses in Australia and the US don’t have a website. And, an astounding 50% of those say that they are planning on launching a website in the next 12 months.
Now is the perfect time to expand, scale, and future proof your business.
As a freelancer, your opportunity to grow into a thriving business is limitless. Whether you step up and take the chance to grow a business is entirely up to you.
The skills you need to achieve web developer success are available in the WP Elevation Blueprint.
Of small businesses don’t have a website.
Of those without a website are planning on launching one this year.
What skills do you need to become a successful web developer?
Designing and coding beautiful, functional websites that your clients love is your main goal as a web developer. While many developers can execute this, the top achieving ones also have the business acumen to support the growth and development of their business. This difference is what separates struggling freelancers from thriving business owners.

This is a 6-week program guiding web freelancers, dev, online marketers and all-around web-trepreneurs in mastering essential business skills, practices and techniques needed to build smarter, better and more profitable digital businesses.

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