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Tricktrades - War Room Technicals Vol. 1

$65.97 $447.00

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The War Room Technicals Vol. 1 from Tricktrades will empower you to start booking profits and stop letting those gains slip away, significantly enhancing your trades.

War Room Technicals Vol.1 from Tricktrades:  Day Trading Technical Analysis Course for traders 

Tricktrades’ War Room Technicals Vol.1 is the best of the best from Pat’s one-on-one mentorship sessions. This instructive video allows you to go deep into real-world issues that traders like you experience and learn how Pat tackles their fear and mental obstacles with sound knowledge and clear, easy-to-understand explanations through screen sharing. 

Over 2 hours of pure knowledge in War Room Technicals Vol. 1, as well as golden nuggets and secrets not revealed anywhere else, will be right within this 1 on 1 mentorship program. The Tricktrades course will teach you how to properly establish trend lines, which most traders get incorrect 100% of the time. You will also learn how to correctly alter biases on the fly. You’ll nail it every time once you see the appropriate setup. In addition to knowing how to establish optimal risk/reward, avoiding blowing out your account by knowing this easy trick. 

Furthermore, The Tricktrades course War Room Technicals Vol.1 teaches you how to recognize and snipe trend shifts. Most of the time, it’s right in front of you and you’ve never seen it; now you’ll see it for yourself. Then you’ll learn how to correctly use the daily chart for ultimate confidence in support and resistance. This is pure gold, and until now, most dealers have never gotten it properly. Enter that deal with complete confidence. The use of SPY to your advantage when trading will also be covered. This is one of the most underutilized methods, but it is also one of the most effective. Finally, you will understand how to properly compensate oneself when working in a trade.

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