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The Traq FX Course To Success will walk you through the overview of forex trading to give you a deeper understanding about this market to easily take profits. 

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$26.00 $265.00

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Traq FX Course To Success: Achieve your financial freedom status with this comprehensive training

The difficulty of making a consistent profit in the foreign exchange market is well known to all of us at this point. Traq FX has learned from his mistakes and losses, which he has incurred as a result of his many mistakes and losses. You will be able to boost your income by taking use of Traq FX’s brand-new information. Breaks and retests, pullbacks, and trendline trading are all outdated tactics that do not work anymore. The Traq FX Course To Success will teach you how to trade like the banks, utilizing brand-new institutional trading techniques that have just recently been introduced to the market.

Throughout this course, you will learn all you need to know about the financial market, which will offer you a competitive edge. It contains hours of important information ranging from the foundations to the more advanced topics. Most importantly, Traq FX simplifies everything so that it is easy to comprehend and put into practice.


The purpose of this course

In this Traq FX Course To Success, the main goal is to help as many students as possible in becoming successful traders who earn six figures per year in profits from their trading. It is possible to achieve financial independence with the assistance of the amazing new private material that is now available, together with discipline and attention. Numerous people have been forced to abandon their jobs as a result of the advent of the virus, and we all know how tough it is right now to make ends meet in this economic climate. It is Traq FX’s goal to make content marketing as easy as possible to grasp and put into action when it comes to its clients.


What make Traq FX Course To Success unique

For many years, traders utilized the same strategies, and we’ve all seen firsthand how financial markets can be manipulated to advantage. The ability to produce a profit on a consistent basis is almost impossible for beginning traders. Designed primarily for retail traders who wish to get an edge in the financial markets, this Traq FX Course To Success has been produced by Traq FX exclusively for them. These previously disclosed facts will provide you with the competitive edge that we’ve all been looking for! As long as everyone follows the same trading approach, we will not be able to make money, which is why most retail traders lose money. This strategy has not yet been discovered, and as a consequence, only a small number of individuals are aware of it, making it suitable for long-term investors such as ourselves.


What await you in this Traq FX Course To Success 

  • Phase A
      • Intro to Forex
      • Spread Explained
      • TradingView Setup
      • Trading Plan
  • Phase B
      • Smart Money Trading Vs Retail Trading
      • Risk Management
      • Institutional Market Structure Macro Vs Micro
      • Institutional Market Cycle
      • Liquidity Concept
      • Order Books
  • Phase C
      • Introduction To Order Blocks
      • Different Types Of Order Blocks
      • IPA (Imbalance)
      • Higher Probability Order Blocks
      • Refining Entries
      • Conformational Sniper Entries
      • Adding To Positions
  • Phase D
    • Intro To Session Opens
    • Scalping With Smart Money
    • Seasonality
    • Getting Into Swing Trading
    • Structure Confusion Solved
    • Final Stage
    • How To Backtest
    • How To Use Wyckoff
    • Re Accumulation Re Distribution
    • Psychology In Forex
    • Wyckoff Vs Break Of Structure


Introducing your instructor Traq FX

Traq Fx Course Snack
Traq Fx Course Snack

In 2008, when quarantine was first imposed, Traq FX grew interested in the forex market and began trading on it. To him, success is having as large an impact as possible while also assisting as many people as possible in reaching financial independence, which is his ultimate goal. In order to be successful, Traq FX must first understand what it is like to grow up without a lot of financial resources. In recent years, earning a living has become much more challenging, especially during severe economic circumstances. The most important investment is in one’s own knowledge and learning; by investing in one’s own knowledge and learning, one may take the first step toward obtaining financial independence.

Course Snack