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Take your trading to the heightened level with Transparent FX Course from Transparent FX Trading

If you want to learn how to trade with crazy precision, Transparent FX Trading’s Transparent FX Course is for you. This comprehensive mentoring program will teach you all rule-based tactics and enable you to begin trading with confidence and without emotion. After a successful purchase of the Transparent FX Course, you will get full access to:

  • VIP market breakdowns and everything included
  • Complete trading course
  • Learn the I.C.I strategy
  • Learn the W.M strategy
  • Learn the T.L.C.T.L strategy
  • 12+ GB of education
  • The account funding program
  • Live trading workshops on Skype
  • Mentorship and guidance: all questions answered every day
  • Private Telegram group

Over 12 GB of A-Z video lessons included in Transparent FX Course from Transparent FX Trading cover a wide range of topics as follows:

  • How to map the market: How to identify key levels, middle key levels, and patterns.
  • How to find the direction of the market: Multi-timeframe analysis, Advanced high timeframe patterns, How to use Fibonacci and trendlines, Real and fake trends, How to avoid market makers manipulations.
  • How to take swing trades: Institutional order flow, Strong numbers, Small time frames patterns, How to pinpoint your entries, Smart money vs dumb money, How to trade like a machine.
  • Probabilities & Risk management: How to be long term consistently profitable, The importance of risk-reward, Win rate and probability, Backtesting the strategies to gain confidence.
  • 100% rule-based trading strategies: The I.C.I strategy, The W.M. strategy, The T.L.C.T.L strategy, Full strategy rules and backtesting sessions, Access to the weekly live strategy workshops.
  • Lifetime access to: Support and mentorship, Special Cheat-Sheets, Strategy Development Workshops, Access to signals and everything included, Access to the trading account funding program.

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Transparent FX is a channel for traders who want to enhance their technical analysis and trading abilities by learning how to study the market using different timeframes and seeing the overall picture on the charts, which is the only method to pinpoint your entrance on intraday time frames. Transparent FX Trading now provides a range of services that can greatly aid you in your trading, such as a Mentorship Program, VIP Market Breakdowns, Account Funding, and much more. Transparent has been a reliable online platform for traders all around the world, with over 150,000 reputation points on TradingView, the largest trading-related website in the world.

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