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The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques

$46.00 $499.00

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The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques: A New Course from Trading Psychology Edge will help you learn to read the market and trade like a pro.

The Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques: A New Course from Trading Psychology Edge – Trading skills distinguish you from others

The New Course of Trading Psychology Edge contains two parts:

  • Part 1 is about Market structure, How to read price and volume, Price movement and flow, and Trade setups. 
  • Part 2 consists of Application of Wyckoff principles multiple time frames, Trending conditions, Pauses vs Turns in the market, Trade setups, Waves and use of Weis Wave.

This Premium Bar-by-Bar Market Trading Techniques: A New Course from Trading Psychology Edge will teach you how to look at every chart and identify whether selling or purchasing is prevailing, how price and volume are behaving, and where trades are setting up in the market structure. In addition, you can learn how to set up high-odds trades and how to make sound entries along with how to set your stop loss, as well as how to handle the trade to its benefit goal or, if the chart dictates, to close the trade early due to adverse market action. In particularly, what you get in this Premium Bar-by-bar Market Trading Techniques New Course is in-depth shown below:

  • How to read the sector bar by bar, from a 1-minute chart to a monthly chart.
  • What does high and abnormal volume behavior mean?
  • What does low volume and dullness imply?
  • What a bar’s range does, like narrow and broad range bars
  • What climactic behavior is, how to recognize it, and how to trade it
  • How to say if a pullback would certainly continue the cycle Bag keeping and market capping
  • What to watch for at the end of a shift and the start of a pullback
  • What it signifies as the demand absorbs production in preparation for a broader leap up, and how to see it
  • A primary price and volume indicator indicating the end of a trend.
  • Using the Weis Wave and thinking in terms of waves
  • a reduction in the length of the thrust in price bars and waves
  • Effort vs. outcome, and when this becomes significant

Trading Psychology Edge: Helping you develop the mental and trade better

Trading Psychology Edge

Trading Psychology Edge is an educational organization that has been offering training courses and items on trader mental skills, trader results, and professional chart reading to customers all over the world.

Trading Psychology Edge emphasizes the critical role of mental strength in experienced traders’ performance. The inconsistency causes ups and downs in the disordered flow, making it both challenging and draining. Trading Psychology Edge, as a result, shows the secret to overcoming those strains, which can be summarized in a single phrase – mindfulness. A clear mind will calm you down in the midst of a crisis, allowing you to make wise choices that will not only save your account from major risks, but will also maximize outperformance.

Trading Psychology Edge’s mindfulness is built in the constructed curriculums of planning and attentive response. Trading Psychology Edge teaches tactics such as Weis Wave, Tape Reading with Wyckoff Methods, and others that will help you predict what will happen in the market before it does. Furthermore, the courses that educate your adaptability are in high demand on Trading Psychology Edge, so panicked thoughts are banished regardless of how choppy the situations get.

More information about your trainer: Dr. Dayton

Dr. Dayton

Dr. Dayton is a psychologist who graduated from Rutgers University with a doctorate in clinical psychology and a degree in individual performance/sport psychology. He is the President of Trading Psychology Edge and a featured speaker at conferences and lectures who teaches traders the behavioral and emotional aspects of investing by fun and enlightening hands-on experiences.

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