TradingPsychologyEdge – Signs of Strength and Weakness

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TradingPsychologyEdge - Signs of Strength and Weakness

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TradingPsychologyEdge – Signs of Strength and Weakness

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In this course Dr. Gary will teach you the key indications of strength and weakness as seen in the price bars and volume.

These are the specific signs of strengths (SOS) for buying and signs of weakness (SOW) for selling to look for in setting up trades, and are highly relevant in today’s volatile markets.

These SOS and SOW are drawn from the pioneering work of Richard Wyckoff with critical refinements by Tom Williams.

Use SOS and SOW

  • to understand and identify background conditions
  • o identify high quality trades
  •  in day and swing trading
  • effectively without indicators
  • Enhance the reliability of indicators (if used, e.g., MACD, RSI etc)
  • Applicable to all actively traded markets: stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, and FX
Helping you develop the mental and technical sides of trading
“The real edge separating wealthy traders from failed ones is their mental approach to markets…
Dr. Dayton provides a step-by-step method for mastering the last true ‘edge’ traders have for making money in the markets.” Tim Bourquin, co-founder, The Traders Expo and TraderInterviews.com
Dr. Gary Dayton stands apart as a trading psychologist in his use of the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) approach to peak performance, a model of human behavior based on cutting-edge psychological research. In his thought-leader article, Fear Not: A Mindful Perspective for Traders published in Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine (December, 2009), Dr. Dayton introduced traders to the practice of mindfulness to help them overcome fear and other unwanted trading emotions and explained how mindfulness can help traders develop the concentration and focus needed to trade successfully.