Tradingeducators – How to Retire with Considerable Wealth

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Tradingeducators – How to Retire with Considerable Wealth

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Teach our students the truth in trading — teach them how to trade,” and “Give them a way to earn while they learn — realizing that it takes time to develop a successful trader

Each trader has their own market specialty and can assist you with all the tough questions. You’ll be asking yourself why you waited this long to invest in yourself.

How to Retire with Considerable Wealth

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Message from Joe Ross

The knowledge contained in Money Master, belongs in every home. It should be taught in schools around the world. It belongs to both the worlds of trading and of investing. Anybody can easily find the way to consistent profits by applying the strategies revealed in this eBook.

The beauty of these strategies is that your money will work for you, as the best worldwide businesses make your money grow and compound. There is also little risk in using the strategies in this eBook – so little, in fact, that you will often not even think about risk. The strategies allow you to be as passive or as aggressive as you wish.

Highlights of what you will learn

Building the Foundation

Joe Ross wants you to think about this statement, “When I decide I want to own something, I try to buy the best quality for my money.” This should also be true for you.

In Money Master, you will discover how to identify the best companies in the world, what their characteristics are, and how to apply the strategies using these great companies to make your money grow and compound.

A Different Mindset

To employ and enjoy the strategies explained in Money Master, you might have to do a complete mental turnaround. Why? Having been a day trader for many years, he used to quickly respond to the movements seen on price charts. However, with the methods you’ll see here, you’ll have lots of time to think, and to plan, as well as to act.

Joe Ross says it best. “When I bought anything as a trader, my profits were based on my expectation that prices would move higher. If prices fell, my heart, along with my hopes, fell with it. Conversely, if I sold something my anticipation was for falling prices. If prices rose, I would suffer a loss. My hope of selling high and buying back at a lower price was shattered, as was a piece of my ego.