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Tradingdominion - Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics

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The course Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics from Trading Dominion enables you to take advantage of portfolio margin to increase your returns.

Increase your gains and ease your management with Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics course from Trading Dominion

Most people believe that portfolio margin (PM) or SPAN margin is only utilized by traders who seek considerable leverage and are thus willing to take higher risks. There is clearly leverage with portfolio or SPAN margin, but what most people don’t realize is that, when utilized properly, you can employ PM or SPAN margin to create risk profiles that are far safer than those created with RegT margin. Certain transaction types are entirely unviable with RegT margin and can only be executed with PM or SPAN margin.

Tradingdomino offers this Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics course to educate you how PM and SPAN function, how to create, and how to handle trades that are exclusive to PM and SPAN. It primarily focuses on constructing transactions that are far safer than RegT deals, so that even if a black swan occurs, your whole portfolio is safeguarded. As a result, you should learn to manage a portfolio of transactions rather than a single trade for the following reasons:

  • To safeguard your portfolio, use a combination of income trades and hedges.
  • Create a smoother equity curve by using a variety of transaction types for both hedges and income trades (where each trade type may be better suited for a different market condition)
  • Risk management at the portfolio level is accomplished by examining the first and second order greeks of your whole portfolio.
  • Being able to use one deal to leverage another in order to decrease risk and improve profits

The course Portfolio Margin and SPAN Margin Trading Tactics from Trading Dominion provides you with these contents:

  • Introduction
  • Foundations
  • Space Trip Trade
  • Black Swan Hedge
  • Upside adjustments
  • ThinkOrSwim (TOS) tips
  • Managing the entire portfolio
  • Summary
  • Bonus: Online meetings

Trading Dominion: Take your expertise of options trading and technical analysis to a higher degree

Trading Dominion is an online platform where you can learn all there is to know about option trading, from simple vertical spreads to complicated multi-legged techniques that change as the market moves. Furthermore, it teaches you how to utilize trading software, do extensive option greek analysis, construct automation tools, comprehend technical analysis tactics, and much more. Trading Dominion was founded by Ron Bertino, who provides high level options training and education to people who want to learn how to take their trading to the next level. He also teaches people how to leverage their portfolio or SPAN margin in order to increase their returns while also increasing their trading safety.

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