Kevin Haggerty – ”Trading With The Generals 2003-2004” Training Course (Video + Workbook 6.32 GB)

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Author: Kevin Haggerty

He is a principal investigator on a variety of projects, including Utah Communities That Care Training program, Staying Connected with Your Teen, Families Facing the Future (formerly Focus on Families) and a National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded study on Family Connections. He is an investigator of the Community Youth Development Study, which tests the effectiveness of the Communities That Care program.

”Trading With The Generals 2003-2004” Training Course

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Who are the Generals and why are they important to you as a trader?

The Generals are large mutual funds, major money managers, and broker/dealers. They are important to you because they are the ones who move the markets.

The best part of this is that you and I can monitor this very same information each day. You will learn how the Generals think and operate so that you will be better equipped to know what to buy, when to it buy it and how to trade it.

My Core Frameworkacy.

All traders are constantly influenced by news and price surprises, so in this volatile market environment, having a Core Framework is most important to long-term success.

Kevin Haggerty favorite first-hour trading strategies. You will learn how to apply my Trap Doors, Gap Pullbacks, Gap Reversals and Flip Top trading strategies to trade alongside professional traders who make most of their money during the first hour of trading.

* How to trade powerful moves fueled by program traders. I will teach you the easy but explosive Slim Jim strategy to enter intraday breakouts that are triggered by program traders during certain hours of the day.

How you can use options with some of my most powerful strategies. I will explain several options strategies that are very effective with my patterns.

How to find the best trades through early detection of buying and selling pressure. Whether you are a daytrader or long-term investor, I will show you how to select the best trades by identifying which stocks are under significant buying or selling pressure before your entry.

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