10 Day Training Program – Trading Education

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Trading Education - 10 Day Training Program

$20.97 $149.00

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The 10 Day Training Program provided by SMB Training consists of over 25 core lessons for the ambitious active trader to help you build a strong trading foundation.

Activate the skills and mindset to make wiser trading decisions with the 10 Day Training Program by SMB Training

You are in a good position to profit since you work as hard during non-market hours as you do during market hours. A competent trader is one who is in complete control of his or her emotions, is always focused, and has the Playbook ready to profit on today’s opportunities. Every deal, every day is an opportunity to grow and there is always an opportunity to be better than you are now tomorrow.

The 10 Day Training Program provided by SMB Training consists of over 25 core lessons which can improve your trading fundamentals. It is undeniable that what makes the difference in a trader’s career isn’t IQ, talent, dedication, or successful traders who “want it more”. The distinction is found in what each trader understands and how that information is applied. And it is for folks like you that the 10 Day Program was designed, in order to provide you with knowledge-information that you can use right now to become a better trader.

The  ten lessons corresponding to 10 day training program you will receive include:

  • Day 1: You Are a Pro Trader
  • Day 2: Mindset – The Most Important Attribute of a Pro Trader
  • Day 3: Solutions to Your Trading Frustrations
  • Day 4: Developing Your Trading Rules
  • Day 5: Reading the Tape
  • Day 6: One Good Trade
  • Day 7: The Playbook
  • Day 8: Developing Your Trading Confidence
  • Day 9: Trading Psychology
  • Day 10: How Good Can You Be?

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Smb Training

SMB Instruction was formed in response to a shortage of advanced trading training and mentorship from expert traders to assist novice traders in becoming lucrative. Then, to offer novice traders the best opportunity of success, SMB developed world-class training programs in stocks, options, and automated trading. Now all of the world-class training that professional proprietary traders have taken is offered to you through the website of SMB Training, some of which are DNA of successful trading, The winning trader, Options foundation, and much more.

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