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Trader Dante - Constructing A Complete Trading Plan

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Constructing a complete trading plan includes 41 special webinars from Trader Dante which are divided into 3 modules and an extra, allowing you to learn a complete strategy for swing trading the financial markets.

Learn a complete strategy for swing trading the financial markets in Constructing a Complete Trading Plan from Trader Dante

Constructing a Complete Trading Plan is a package of special webinars provided by Trader Dante which comprises 3 modules and a bonus section with 41 webinars in total. Each of these special webinars focuses on a different aspect of Tom Dante’s trading policy or the business of trading. Each one’s content can be interpreted and applied independently of the others. This is valid also for webinars that are divided into two sections. As a result, a trader will watch only one webinar to learn how Tom Dante trades a certain setup or approaches a core idea. Around the same time, when presented sequentially, the webinars in Constructing a Complete Trading Plan provide a concise summary of his approach to the capital markets.

The agenda of Constructing a Complete Trading Plan by Trader Dante

Module 1: Swing Trading Forex and Financial Futures

Module 1 examines Tom Dante’s swing trading approach in depth. This technique is used in Forex, commodities (such as gold, silver, and crude oil), and equity indices (the Dax and S&P500), which can also be seen in the cryptocurrency industry.

Module 2: Core Concepts, Advanced Techniques, Building your Business and Increasing Performance

Module 2 begins the discussion of Tom Dante’s swing trading approach with a study of key principles before delving into sophisticated pattern trading techniques. He then discusses the creation of a trading strategy and provides you with detailed techniques for developing a small account. The module also discusses topics like specializing in one business, trading psychology, improving efficiency, and landing a job with a prop company.

Module 3: Short Term Time Frame Trading in the Bund

Module 3 examines Tom’s day trading approach in depth. This technique moves at a quicker pace and it deals for shorter time frames. He trades the Bund (Germany’s 10-year government bond), although it can be applicable to any sector. To implement, this technique makes use of a Market Profile, Footprint Charts, and a DOM. It is advantageous for you to have access to these resources in order to completely enforce the content.


The extra section includes 5 webinars which cover a wide range of topics, from how to set up a competent trading desk to profiting from a previously untaught trend in the webinar modules.

  • Webinar 01: How To Setup A Professional Trading Desk
  • Webinar 02: How To Organise Your Trading Day To Maximise Your Success
  • Webinar 03: Profiting From The Inside Day Failure pattern
  • Webinar 04: Trading The Short Term Time Frames
  • Webinar 05: Playing The Odds

Describe the Module 2 – Webinar 6 & 7: Constructing A Complete Trading Plan

These two webinars will cover the crucial topic of creating a trading plan. Many recent trading plan videos tend to teach you what you should think about while writing your trading plan, but Tom Dante has yet to locate a single instance where the presenter’s plan is actually used. With that in mind, Tom Dante will walk you through his plan step by step, covering the following topics:

  • What type of trader is Tom Dante?
  • What is his edge over the next trader?
  • What is their edge over him and what Tom Dante is going to do about it?
  • What is his annual financial target?
  • What markets does Tom Dante trade and what does he do if he spotted an opportunity in a market that is not included among them?
  • What tools does Tom Dante use to trade? Who does Tom Dante chart with? Trade with? Get his news from?
  • What percentage of his funds does  Tom Dante keep with the broker at any point in time?
  • How much risk does Tom Dante take per trade? Per day?
  • Does Tom Dante scale up in good periods or down in bad ones?
  • At which point would Tom Dante stop trading a strategy?
  • Which strategies make up his edge? What percentage of his trades are SFP’s? Levels trades? Gaps?
  • How much risk does Tom Dante allocate to each strategy?
  • How does each of his strategies work?
  • What are his rules for adding to a trade?
  • What must Tom Dante remember before trading each day?
  • How do Tom Dante organise himself before, during and after market hours?
  • What questions does Tom Dante ask himself after a winning trade?
  • What questions does Tom Dante ask himself after a losing trade?
  • What is his routine for continual self improvement?
  • How does Tom Dante enforce discipline and keep to his plan?

Trader Dante and its founder, Tom Dante: Professional mentoring for serious traders

Trader Dante

Tom Dante is a seasoned Forex and Financial Futures Trader who teaches others how to benefit consistently in financial markets. He trades Forex and Financial Futures full-time from home and has over 18 years of experience. He also provides technical coaching to individuals who want to develop a reliably lucrative trading career or simply improve their current success in the financial markets.

Trader Dante is an education company owned by Tom Dante which has trained traders since 2007. Trader Dante provides customers with a range of products and services such as Educational Material, Supporting Webinars, Special Webinars, Edges for Ledges, Trading Courses, and so on.

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