Toptradetools – Trend Breakout Levels

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Toptradetools - Trend Breakout Levels

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Toptradetools – Trend Breakout Levels

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TOP Trend Breakout Levels is a powerful tool that can be used for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and for strategic entry Trend Trading! Effective on both intraday and end-of-day price charts including 5 minute charts, 60 minute charts, daily charts, weekly charts, and tick charts to name a few.

When strong trends present themselves in markets over time, they can represent the best opportunities to generate windfall profits!

Risk Disclaimer: There is a risk of loss when trading and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

In the daily TSLA chart above, you can see that the TOP Trend Breakout Levels were effective in capturing profits from the significant up trend that unfolded over the course of six months. The course in the chart above enabled a trader to participate in the 400% increase in TSLA!

TOP Trend Breakout Levels with Trade Setups

When combined with short-term trade setups, traders can enter markets with short-term setups and then participate in the trend by allowing the TOP Trend Breakout Levels to manage their trend position. The following chart provides a good example of this type of strategy.

In the daily Emini S&P futures chart above, you can see how the Hammer Candlestick Pattern can be used to strategically enter the longer-term uptrend defined by the TOP Trend Breakout Levels. This means that you don’t necessarily have to enter a trend when the course generates a trade signal – you can use a shorter-term strategy to enter a longer-term trend and potentially pyramid on your long position.

It is important to note that not every course signal will lead to a large price move or profits. In fact, market trends are the exception rather than the rule. This means that trend strategies will generate false signals if a market is trading in a choppy, sideways environment.  However, when trends do unfold in the markets, they can offer exceptional profit opportunities.

Using a Pyramid Strategy with TOP Trend Breakout Levels

This strategy, along with many others, represents creative ways to trade long-term trends!

We recommend that traders invest time to learn about trends and learn about the strengths and limitations of breakout trend trading. With knowledge and experience, we believe that any trader can learn when to trade with the course for long-term trend trading.