TopTradeTools – Swing Trader Pro

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TopTradeTools - Swing Trader Pro

$89.97 $1,997.00

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TopTradeTools – Swing Trader Pro

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For stocks, options, futures, and forex markets

Now you can use an enhanced version of the same trading strategy that we used to win Hot, New CTAs (Hedge Funds) Category in Futures Magazine. The Swing Trader Pro is designed to capture profits from significant directional price moves in any market, including stocks, options, futures, and forex markets. Be sure to take the time to understand how we recommend applying this powerful strategy to the markets.

Swing Trader Pro designed from actual Hedge Fund Strategy

We have made a good thing better! We worked to make the Swing Trader Pro better than our original version by improving on the original strategy that helped us win the recognition in Futures Magazine. Our improvements were achieved by incorporated our new CBR Pro™ and IntelliStep™ Trailing Stop Technology.

Easy to follow trading signals!

The Swing Trader Pro makes powerful hedge fund trading signals easy for you to follow. You no longer have to worry about setting any complex parameter settings. All you have to do is choose the colors of your Signal Dots and the colors of your IntelliStep™ Dots. You choose four colors and let Swing Trader Pro do the rest!

You can now take the guess work out of your trading analysis by simply following the Swing Trader Pro Dots. Trading signals don’t not get much easier than this. The Swing Trader Pro is designed to effectively capture profits from significant directional price moves in any market. However, similar to any strategy, we recommend strategically applying the Swing Trader Pro to the markets when you identify potential high probability trade setups (See How We Recommend using Swing Trader Pro).

Signal Dots right on Your Chart

The Swing Trader Pro will plot easy to read Buy and Sell Dots right on your chart!

● Swing Trader Pro Buy Dot

● Swing Trader Pro Sell Dot

As each time bar or price bar is completed, the Swing Trader Pro will measure the strength of supply and demand in your market to determine if a trading signal should be generated. If market buying strength meets the signal strength criterion, then a Buy Dot will be displayed under the price bar.

If market selling strength meets the signal strength criterion, then a Sell Dot will be displayed over the price bar. You can then consider taking a Sell Position (Short Position) on the close of the price bar.

Remove destructive emotions from trading

Greed and fear may have done more to derail traders over the years than just about anything else. Every professional trader will tell you that you must keep your emotions in check in order to make money consistently in the markets.

The Swing Trader Pro analyzes the strength of shifts in supply and demand in a market and only generates a signal dot when these shifts meet certain criterion. This helps you to ignore the negative emotions of greed and fear and focus on important market internals like supply and demand.

TOP Swing Trader Pro

Indicator available for Trade Station, Think or Swim, Ninja Trader, Sierra Charts, and eSignal

How we recommend using Swing Trader Pro

Swing Trader Pro is designed to capture profits from directional price moves in any market. However, as any professional trader will tell you, markets will often time experience choppy, sideways conditions. We do not recommend trading in these market conditions as you will increase your chances of false signals and losing trades. Difficult choppy conditions cause most trading strategies to lose money. So we recommend avoiding them altogether.

Instead, we recommend applying the Swing Trader Proto markets when you identify a high probability trade setup. If you are new to trading, you can benefit from learning proven trade setups. We believe that both new traders and seasoned professionals alike can learn the skills of identifying powerful trade setups in real time. And once you learn to recognize a number of proven trade setups, you will simply want to consider following the Swing Trader Pro signal dots in the direction of each trade setup. It’s that easy and it’s a powerful approach to trading.

Sometimes a signal is generated after a very large price move in the up or down direction. In these instances, we recommend passing on these signals as the market has already realized much of the trade potential in generating the signal. Tick charts often do a better job of avoiding this situation.

We believe that combining the power of the Swing Trader Pro with time-tested proven trade setups is one of the most powerful approaches to trading in the markets. The goal is to put the odds on your side to give you an edge when trading the markets.

Real world trading

Unlike some websites, we want you to be realistic about trading. Trading involves a high level of risk and there is no guarantee that you will make a million dollars using the Swing Trader Pro. However, as we all know, some people crack the code of the markets and make huge sums of money. There are no shortcuts. Successful traders do well through hard work and a consistent, disciplined approach to trading. And they have the right trading tools to give them an edge.

Are you guaranteed to make money on every trade with Swing Trader Pro? No. Can you use Swing Trader Pro strategically with proven trade setups to make money in the markets? We feel that the answer to this question is a confident yes! But you need to put the time in to learn proven trade setups. This is not hard, but it does take time.

The Swing Trader Pro is based off of system technology that we used with our hedge fund to make money managing real customer accounts. But make no mistake, it took discipline and hard work.

We believe that anyone can become a winning trader if they are willing to work hard and put in the time. The Swing Trader Pro was developed to be a powerful addition to any trader’s toolbox.

Apple (AAPL) short trading example

Step one is to spot the daily bearish divergence. Once you have done this, then you could have taken sell signals from the Swing Trader Pro on a shorter timeframe, like 60 minute charts.