Timon Weller – Fibonacci Retracement Training Series 2014


Timon Weller - Fibonacci Retracement Training Series 2014


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Timon Weller – Fibonacci Retracement Training Series 2014

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Welcome to The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series. A Training series devoted to uncovering the arts of using Fibonacci Retracement tool combined with the understanding of Trends in the overall market. The Training series covers a Simple to follow, Highly Profitable method of using Fibonacci Retracement as a extra confluence in an existing Trend. This then offers a trader a higher probability trend based trade when it lines up with other confluences in the existing market. Come join Timon Weller as he explains the details of how exactly to use this powerful tool in your trading in a step by step process and how you too can harness the power of Fibonacci as well.

Lessons Learned and Covered  in this Training Series Include:fibonacci retracement training series

How to Identify the Right Market for using The Fibonacci Retracement Tool.

Why This Tool is Effective in Trading.

How to Use the Fibonacci Retracement Tool.

How to Line Up with Multiple Confluences increasing the Probability of Your Trading with this Tool.

Trade the Fib 5618 Trade

What Sort of Candle Stick Price Action for Entries.

Where to Place Stop Losses.

Where to consider taking partial Profits and when to hold.

Learn To Use on Multiple Time Frames ranging from 1 Hour to Daily Charts.

And much, much more..

Series will include a easy to follow Video Series combined with a PDF question and answer that follows along with the learning.

Training Itinerary: 3 hours of Video Training in 8 Video Parts plus a follow along PDF question and answer sheet.