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How to Make Millions by Tim Sykes is a must watch DVD about day trader training which has been inspiring a number of learners from over the world to become a confident trader. 

Introducing the DVD How to Make Millions: A thorough overview of Tim Sykes’ trading rules and strategy

How to Make Millions by Tim Sykes, which contains 30+ hours of content, is a great value for the low price and leaves you with no questions at the end. Many excellent map samples and live trades are also given. If you want to take trading seriously, it is well worth the money.

Tim demonstrates a superior instructional style and a broad spectrum of skills in this How to Make Millions video. He also has recorded trades demonstrating that he benefits from what he preaches. There really isn’t a better trainer in this field on the internet. Prepare to embark on a trip with Tim that you have never seen before. If you don’t know anything about penny stock trading, this is the DVD for you. Tim begins with the fundamentals in simple steps and progresses to expose his technique for trading Penny Stocks effectively.

When you finish Tim Sykes’ How to Make Millions DVD, you will have a wealth of knowledge about how the penny stock universe works, and you will know deep down in your mind that it is possible to become successful in such a world with enough continuity and discipline. 

Who is Tim Sykes?

Tim Sykes 

Tim Sykes earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a minor in business from Tulane University in 2003. He split class to day trade on a regular basis while at Tulane. During his senior year, he created Cilantro Investment Management, a short prejudice hedge fund, with $1 million raised primarily by friends and relatives.

Sykes was picked in Trader Monthly’s “30 Under 30” list of up-and-coming traders in 2006. He reported that the Cilantro Fund was the “number one long-short microstock hedge fund in the world, according to Barclays; Lane later learned that the ranking came from “the Barclay Group”, a small research firm headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa, rather than the well-known British bank Barclays.

Sykes is now a financial activist and lecturer. was launched by him in 2007. It functions as a personal forum as well as a website devoted to educating penny stock investing. Sykes founded in 2009, a website dedicated to gathering consumer reviews on financial markets, photographs, books, and financial brokers. In 2011, Sykes co-founded, a social service of about 20,000 members that offers stock trade information online.

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