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In the Tim Grittani course Trading Tickers: The Long and Short of it, you will learn how to lessen the risk in your stocks trading and turn income into double.

Avoid basic mistakes Tim Grittani made through his DVD Course Trading Tickers

The comprehensive DVD course Trading Tickers by Tim Grittani consists of 6 DVDs with a total size of 5.2 GB, in which he teaches you all about the rules and  strategies he has developed throughout his trading career that have helped make his success possible. This DVD includes one of his short selling strategies. One misconception a lot of people have about him is that all my success has come from trading  over-the-counter stocks, but in reality he has now made about 1 million dollars  trading listed stocks and continues to trade them daily. 

Most people know Tim Grittani as the trader who turned fifteen hundred dollars of his own money into over 2.7 million dollars in roughly four years. Early in his career, he was pretty good about blog posts and answering questions and stuff like that, but it got overwhelming because a lot of times they’re repeated questions. Hence, he made it with the idea of putting everything in one place to answer the most basic stuff, followed by to really detail and show the patterns that have worked for him. As a result, Tim Grittani put in this DVD, Trading Tickers, with all the basics and a unique strategy that he used and included live trading examples of.  

Patterns repeat in the stock market, and you must study your history. You don’t need to memorize the patterns, but if you start to learn how the patterns are created, the different indicators and the different catalysts, then you can start to understand the market better. Since there’s different kinds of catalysts, whether it’s a penny stock promoter or a chat room that’s all buying the same stock, or if it’s mentioned on CNBC, they’re all media-type catalysts.  It might have evolved a little bit.  Both OTC and NASDAQ will be included in this Trading Tickers DVD course from Tim Grittani.  

Who is Tim Grittani?

Tim Grittani
Tim Grittani

Tim Grittani is a Midwesterner whose beginnings aren’t from a fairy tale. He had a lifelong fascination with the stock market and even majored in finance. However, a summer job at an insurance office taught him that a 9–5 work was not for him. He was a finance major who despised finance in general. Then, one day, while browsing through messages on a stock forum, he came across an advertisement for my Trading Challenge. He didn’t join immediately; instead, he began with Pennystocking Silver. He grew obsessed with the stock market. He went all in on penny stocks, learning everything he could about them. He worked his buttocks to the bone. Tim Grittani needed nine months to become consistently profitable. He didn’t even trade for the first three months; all he did was learn. He followed along in the chat room and watched video tutorials. It wasn’t simple for him to start trading when he eventually did. He destroyed his initial account. It’s difficult when you’re just getting started in trading. You may believe you have a good understanding of the markets. We assure you that there is always more to learn.

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