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Author: Tim Burd

Headline Speaker at the Global Banking Summit
Tim Burd: The mentor of Facebook ads. He to Speak at iStack Training’s Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live Event in San Diego on February 28, 2019. Author for one of the top Internet Advertising News sites in the world. Tim Burd featuring iAmAttila – A Seriously Advanced Mastermind.

$10,000,000 Landing Pages

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It’s this focus that makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.
Here’s where landing pages might fit into your marketing funnel:
Diagram of a marketing funnel that includes a landing page
As you can see, the landing page exists after prospects at the top of the funnel click a link in an ad, email, or anywhere else on the web. It’s where the conversion (like a purchase, signup, or registration) will take place.
Q. Wait, can’t any page be a landing page?
Technically, sure. The term is used this way in Google Ads and Analytics, for instance. But not all destination pages are made equal. At Unbounce, we use the term “landing page” to describe a campaign-specific page with just one single call to action and no website navigation.
The Key Difference Between a Homepage and a Landing Page
(or Why Landing Pages Are So Freakin’ Good at Converting)
Below we’ve got a homepage and a landing page laid out side by side. See how the homepage has tons of links and the landing page has only one? That’s pretty typical.
Diagram comparing homepages and landing pages
While the homepage has dozens of potential distractions—you can basically call ’em “leaks” instead of links—the landing page is super focused. Having fewer links on your landing page increases conversions, as there are fewer tantalizing clickables that’ll carry visitors away from the call to action. That’s why expert marketers always use a dedicated landing page as the destination of their traffic.
Sure, the homepage looks amazing. It shows off the brand, lets people explore a range of products, and offers additional info about the company and its values. From here, a visitor can go anywhere—apply for a job, read some press releases, review the terms of service, post on the community boards, etc.
But they won’t necessarily make a purchase. And that’s the point.
The landing page for this customer serves a completely different purpose. Paired with super slick ads that promote a single offer, everything about it works hard to turn these visitors into customers. It’s doing a better job to convert the traffic the brand’s already getting. That’s the power of landing pages!