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The course Thursday Morning Income Strategy by Trading Concepts will teach you how to take advantage of this powerful strategy and create consistent income.

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Trade only 15 minutes a week with the course Thursday Morning Income Strategy by Trading Concepts 

You can take advantage of the Thursday Morning Income Strategy if you’re looking for a safe, consistent way to make money, whether you’re trading full-time or just to supplement your retirement income. It’s also for investors who want to make a lot of money while taking on little risk. Then, after you see how this secret and lucrative trading technique works, you’ll be pleased with your choice to take advantage of the chance that presented itself.

This three-hour Trading Concepts video course on the Thursday Morning Income Strategy delves deeply into each strategy stage. You’ll learn how to choose your stock, calculate the projected move, estimate the 2-day forecast, select the proper technique, initiate and manage your trade, and more. Todd Mitchell will also teach you how to assess your performance, improve your execution, and identify the finest brokers. Additionally, this three-hour online video contains slides for each session, as well as other program resources to help you generate money even faster with this method.

6 steps you will learn in Thursday Morning Income Strategy of Trading Concepts

Step 1: Select a candidate for the underlying stock.

Step 2: Determine the anticipated movement. This is the amount of movement that has been factored into the price of an option between now and the expiration date. Market makers price inside a predetermined range. However, even if your broker does not offer this feature, Todd Mitchell will demonstrate how to compute the range accurately.

Step 3: Forecast the weather for the following two days. Not only is this method simplified in today’s market, but you only have to forecast for two days – not the traditional 4-6 weeks.

Step 4: Determine the Options strategy.

Step 5: On Thursday morning, at the opening bell, enter your position. Then you may simply unwind and get on with your life. There is no need to permanently attach your eyeballs to your computer.

Step 6: Manage your position or resign. On Friday afternoon, it’s no big deal if the price moves in the wrong way. If the price has increased in the desired direction, it is now time to maximize your earnings. 

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