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Volume 1: Trading Exaggerated Market Moves.

Identifying low-risk entry zones in virtually any market. How to pinpoint potential trend reversals when a low-risk buy or sell zone has been identified. Using Tom’s indicators to locate potential trend reversals. Combining Tom’s indicators with additional filters to improve your market timing.

Volume 2: Identifying Market Turns Before the Crowd.

Identifying tops and bottoms before other traders spot them. Applying the two phases of Sequential to price charts. Determining if a low-risk buy or sell zone might be successful or if the previous trend will continue. Where to ‘draw the line’ and when to disqualify a previously identified low-risk buy or sell zone before a trade confirmation occurs.

Volume 3: Anticipating Trend Changes for Big Profits.

How to anticipate potential trend changes more quickly. Identifying price exhaustion zones using TD Combo. How to use TD Combo with TD Sequential to identify low-risk buy and sell zones. An introduction to TDST, Tom’s most significant contribution to market timing. Defining trend reversals and support and resistance zones. Using TDST to determine whether or not the Countdown phase of TD Sequential or TD Combo will go to completion.

Volume 4: Projecting Tops and Bottoms.

Calculating and applying TD Trend Factor to price charts. Using TD Trend Factor to predict high probability upside and downside objectives. Projecting retracements and tops or bottoms using TD Trend Factor. Applying Relative Retracement to recent price advances or declines to determine where short- and/or long-term support and resistance levels may occur. How to use Absolute Retracement to calculate support levels for markets that are trading at all-time highs.

Volume 5: Identifying Real Trendline Breakouts.

Using trendline breakouts to create consistent indicators. How to identify false breakouts and price exhaustion zones with more precision. Identifying and constructing TD Lines and using them to confirm low-risk buy or sell zones. Combining TD Diff with TD Open to confirm the identification of TD Sequential and TD Combo low-risk buy and sell zones.

Volume 6: Determining the Duration of Market Moves Using Tom’s indicators to determine the duration of market moves.

How to use a simple moving average technique to confirm a trend change when a low-risk buy or sell zone has been identified. Using TD Channels to alert you to a possible change in the direction of a trend and how to take advantage of the opportunity when it occurs. How to construct your own oscillator using an oscillator ‘shell’. Identifying potential price breakouts using a price compression approach. “My newest indicators go light years beyond virtually all other indicators currently available to traders. By familiarizing yourself with these techniques and learning how to apply them properly in your analysis, you can enhance your market timing and make more consistently profitable trading decisions.” Tom DeMark