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Calvin Ryon - Calvin Ryon Trading Reversal Trading Course


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Author: Calvin Ryon

In this very comprehensive course I teach you how to become a profitable trader in the forex markets and how to avoid the pitfalls that held me back for so many years. I hold nothing back when it comes to showing you what I know to make profitable decisions in the financial markets. In this course I will go over everything you need to know including: timing, pivots, price action, waves, trend lines, market patterns, divergences, moving averages, ADR max moves (like you have never seen it!) and a few other proprietary techniques.

There are things in this course that you will not find anywhere because I have developed them myself from thousands of hours of study! I do an awesome teaching on support and resistance and how to identify what levels will work the best.

Calvin Ryon Trading Reversal

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Welcome to the Calvin Ryon Master Trading Course! FREE PREVIEW
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Introduction to the Course – Here’s what to expect. FREE PREVIEW
Lets discuss goals and what opportunity can await you!
Quiz 1: Goals and Opportunities
Metatrader 4 Set-up
Quiz 2: Metatrader 4 Set Up
Support & Resistance: Determining the BEST areas to trade *Proprietary*
Quiz 3: Support & Resistance
Support & Resistance: When support becomes resistance
Quiz 4: When Support becomes resistance
Market Timing AKA London Close
Quiz 5: Market Timing
Moving Average trading
Quiz 6: Moving Averages
Trendline Trading and “Second Hit Theory” *Proprietary*
Quiz 7: Trendilne Trading & The Second Hit
Determining Stop Losses
Quiz 8: Stop Losses

Finding the BEST entry levels

Quiz 9: Entry Levels
Where do I exit a trade?
Quiz 10: Exiting your trade
Let’s briefly discuss the “wave theory”
Quiz 11: Wave Theory
Using Divergences to profit!
Quiz 12: Divergences
Market Maker schemes
Quiz 13: Market Maker Schemes