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The Trading Framework’s Profile Trading Mastery course will teach you the most comprehensive auction market theory and method, which will help you develop a strong organized approach to discretionary trading.

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Kam Dhadwar offers his most comprehensive curriculum to date, Profile Trading Mastery by The Trading Framework, with you in this one-of-a-kind package. You will study all of the ideas you need to know in order to utilize The Trading Framework as successfully as possible in the shortest period of time. This program was initially intended to be completed over the course of 18 weeks, but we recently revised the format such that each module is now delivered on a daily basis. This allows traders to complete the training more quickly and at their own speed.

The material of the program is delivered in 1-3 hour modules and certain sub-modules that are delivered one day at a time for a more disciplined learning and growth process. It is organized in such a manner that it covers all you need to know to start using The Trading Framework. All of the Modules go into great length and include several examples for each topic of discussion. It is without a doubt the greatest Training program we have ever provided, as well as the most life-changing Coaching program for anyone who is a Trader or on the road to success.

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The Trading Framework

The Trading Framework was developed by active futures/derivatives traders who specialize in educating other traders how to use Market Profile, Auction Theory, and Advanced Order Flow Analysis tools to day trade the futures markets. Besides, it contains Peak Performance Coaching and Mentoring programs to assist traders enhance their profitability and performance.

Kam Dhadwar is the proprietor of The Trading Framework and a Professional Proprietary Trader situated in London, UK. He has evolved into a recognized discretionary trader and Peak Performance Coach who shares his skills and expertise with like-minded traders throughout the years. Kam shows how to use tools like Market Profile, Stage Analysis, and Order Flow to better understand the market’s Auction Process and Market Participants’ Behaviors.

Kam is widely renowned for his ability to comprehend the barriers that traders may experience along the trip and gives realistic methods and tactics to assist overcome the normal challenges that most traders battle with as a Certified Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner with personal Trading Experience.

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