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The programme consists of 4 separate modules that are delivered via members area with audio and visuals.

This programme is purposely split into separate sessions.

Module 1: Learning to Understand and Master the Unconscious Mind

  • Learn the programming language of the unconscious mind.
  • Learn specific techniques for Modelling more positive states, which will effect how you handle emotions, your behaviours and ultimately you results\experiences.
  • Intro to your Mindset and how you function, learning about the Conscious\Unconscious Mind
  • Learn how the unconscious mind functions and how it may be working against you.
  • Learn how your inner world is creating your outer world and its experiences and how to shift this around to be inline with Goals\Objectives.

Module 3: Destroying Attachment to Negative Past Memories and Experiences and Setting up for a Better Future

  • Understand Time Line Therapy and how to use it to change your attachment to past experiences\events and let go of the associated emotions and negative feelings\memories.
  • Learn to use Time Line Therapy techniques to set futures outcomes, goals and objectives on an unconscious level to increase your chances of achieving that which you desire.
  • Learn how to use strategic visioning processes and visualisation techniques to focus your attention and commit to a goal in the moment.

Module 2: Rebuilding Yourself with more positive Beliefs and Values

  • Learn the Process of Self Enquiry to establish which beliefs, values and attitudes work against you and for you.
  • Learn to reduce the effects of limiting beliefs\values and utilise more empowering beliefs\values.
  • How to recognise internal conflict and remove the unconscious obstacles that you don’t normally see.

Module 4: Getting the Most out of the Present Moment and Remaining in the NOW

  • Understand the importance of being in the now, letting go of the past and future for enhanced Peak Performance states.
  • Learn to get in the zone with ease and stay there.
  • Learn specific meditation techniques and understand why it is essential for your trading success and discipline.

Please note the above is just a guideline of what to expect. Each session will be packed with useful and practical information and the above is just a taster of what to expect on each session. Every session is viewable as many times as you like at your leisure.