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The Van Tharp Institute - Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study

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If you want to trade more frequently but lack time to sit in front of a monitor during market hours then the Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study from Van Tharp Institute is for you. 

What you will learn in total 10 hours of the video course Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study by Van Tharp Institute

Swing trading is a trading method that seeks to capture short- to medium-term profits in a stock spanning a few days to several weeks. Swing traders hunt for trading chances largely through technical analysis. In addition to monitoring price trends and patterns, these traders may employ fundamental analysis. Van Tharp Institute’s Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study will teach you not one, but five distinct Swing Trading Systems over the course of ten hours of in-depth, step-by-step education. Some of these methods are based on existing information from analysts or traders, while others are Ken Long’s own invention. 

Any trader who learns how to avoid mistakes, understand their psychology, alter themselves, and establish successful position size tactics will experience an instantaneous boost in profitability. These concepts are crucial to learn, in addition to having strong systems through the Van Tharp Institute’s Swing Trading Systems Video Home Study. This home learning program also teaches you how to identify the most frequent mistakes individuals make and how much they may cost you, how to monitor your efficiency, and three basic activities you can do every day to remove mistakes and prevent them from happening again.

Most crucially, the Swing Trading Systems Video Home course includes the whole Tharp Think Essentials Workshop, a total of more than 7 hours of recorded lectures.

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