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The OTC Oracle Course of Simple Trade taught by Penny Whale will walk you through step by step on how to trade OTC and increase winning rates in this market.

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$119.00 $997.00

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The OTC Oracle Course by Penny Whale from Simple Trade – A complete guide to trade and profit in OTC

The over-the-counter (OTC) market may already be familiar to you. In comparison to the larger mafia markets, these businesses are trading at substantially lower rates per share. A slight gain in stock prices may provide enormous rewards. Because of this, why aren’t there more people trading on the OTC markets? To begin with, it’s hard. If you’ve never purchased a stock before, you’ll learn how to trade the most exciting and opportunity-driven area of the financial markets in Penny Whale’s OTC Oracle Course, which has already turned 22 of our students into millionaires. You’ll learn how to constantly profit from historically unheard-of gains in this typically exiled market in this course.

In an OTC market, participants trade stocks, commodities, currencies, or other items directly with one other without the need of a central exchange or brokerage firm. Trading in over-the-counter marketplaces takes place online rather than at a physical venue. Unlike an auction market, this is not the case here. The OTC Oracle Course will show you why the majority of amateurs trade on the OTC and how this works to your advantage. You will learn how to identify and profit from Pumpers’ dirty practices and why frequent, lesser victories are preferable to a single large one. The distinction between technical and fundamental analysis and how to use either effectively to generate consistent profits are also included in this course. Then you will deliver Custodianship, Repeating Pump, and Sympathy strategies, and when to apply them, and much more, all of which will have you manipulating the OTC like a puppeteer.

Who is Penny Whale?

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Penny Whale is the best trader and instructor in the OTC Oracle Class. As the Oracle of the Ocean, he goes about his business without drawing attention to himself. It is Penny Whale’s only goal to assist people in navigating the market. There are simply too many people he’s seen get screwed over by conventional investing. In light of his newfound expertise, he’s anxious to share it with others. Other marketplaces have nothing on the OTC. Most individuals aren’t willing to put in the time and energy necessary for learning The OTC, on the other hand, is a sea of opportunity for those who are willing to put in the effort. Big gains on the OTC are certain thanks to Penny’s leadership.

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The best stock trading education program in the world can be found at Simple Trade, an online platform that teaches people how to profitably trade stocks. Their goal is to build the largest community of successful stock traders in the world. For those who want to make money in the stock market, Simple Trade teaches their students everything they need to know by providing members of their community with the greatest Stock Trading tools and assistance available.

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