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The course Opening Bell Income Strategy by Trading Concepts will give you an edge in trading that helps generate better performance and increase income.

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Master the trading management strategy with The Opening Bell Income Strategy class by Trading Concepts 

There are two pre-recorded LIVE trading days included with the Trading Concepts Opening Bell Income Strategy DVD course, so you can see this strategy in action. This brand-new e-mini method, as well as other trading ideas and resources, will be completely revealed and supplied to you.

The Opening Bell Income Strategy has a victory percentage as high as 71.1% and a profit factor as astounding as 2.46. Price Headley has been teaching trading systems since 1994, and this one is no exception. It is focused on safe and continuous growth, enabling you to take advantage of chances early in the morning, before most e-mini traders have even opened their trading accounts for the day. People who work full-time or who wish to add an easy-to-implement technique to their trading plan would benefit most from this method. Identify the setup, place an entry, establish a stop-loss, safeguard your gains and exit for maximum gain are all guidelines you acquire in this course.

By using The Opening Bell Income Strategy, you may trade with confidence and not worry about what to do next, taking advantage of the finest chances that arise between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. EDT each day. When most traders can’t figure out what’s going on in the market, we depend on this method to earn money. When you buy Trading Concepts’ The Opening Bell Income Strategy course today, you’ll get immediate access to a 3-hour comprehensive workshop that covers all the beginner and advanced details you need to earn a steady daily income using The Opening Bell Income Strategy in the first 90 minutes of trading.

What you will learn inside The Opening Bell Income Strategy course 

How to quickly ascertain the market’s “big picture” context so that you’re always trading on the correct side

How to quickly identify Key Trade Zones in order to locate trading opportunities with a high return and low risk profile

Intraday Trading Tactics and Intraday Trading Strategies that can help you determine whether to fade a Key Trade Zone or enter on a break through a Key Trade Zone.

Simple trade management tactics to avoid being stopped out prematurely or excessively late

The most effective and dependable strategies for profiting from trading off of the Key Trade Zones

How to use Market Internals to see “behind the scenes” and determine who is truly in control (the bulls or the bears)

What to look for in Pre-Market Trading and how these indications frequently provide insight into how the trading day will likely unfold

And a great deal more.

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Trading Concepts has been teaching thousands of people from all around the world about investing and portfolio management for two decades via personal mentoring, market research, and online trading tools. Every day, successful traders depend on our time-tested, high-reward trading strategies to navigate the markets and plot their path to long-term profitability. To assist traders in reducing stress and maximizing earnings, Trading Concepts provides simple-to-follow trading methods. Rather than relying only on complex theory or excessively technical information, Trading Concepts presents a realistic, balanced approach to profiting from today’s unpredictable markets. Since its inception in 1994, the number of students they have assisted has increased consistently in over 52 nations worldwide.

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