George A.Fontanills & Tom Gentile – The Index Trading Course WorkBook

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Author: George A.Fontanills & Tom Gentile

George A.Fontanills is a retired hedge fund manager. He is also the founder of Optionetics, the world leader in options education, with offices around the world specializing in teaching high-profit, low-risk, low-stress options trading strategies. He has written and cowritten many books on trading, including Trade Options Online; The Stock Market Course; The Stock Market Course Workbook ect. Tom Gentile is Chief Options Strategist for Optionetics, a money manager, and the founder of Profit Strategies, the leader in stock market education. He is also a contributing writer for numerous publications, including Stocks & Commodities, Fortune, Barron’s, and the Wall Street Journal.

The Index Trading Course WorkBook

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This hands–on companion to The Index Trading Course also includes a complete answer key for every multiple–choice question and covers a wide range of issues related to this discipline such as:

  • Core stock market indexes along with the sector offerings from a variety of financial entities
  • Actively traded index products, including exchange traded funds (ETFs), index options, and ETF options
  • Options strategies used for different trends and volatility situations
  • Indicators and systems
  • Trade adjustments
  • The art of risk management

In The Index Trading Course, financial experts George Fontanills and Tom Gentile provide an in–depth look at the tools and techniques used to trade in this profitable market.

Now, in The Index Trading Course Workbook, Fontanills and Gentile offer a wealth of practical exercises that will help further your understanding of index trading, as well as test and apply what you′ve learned before you take one step into the real markets–where time and money are luxuries you can′t afford to lose. The media assignments found in each chapter are especially useful.

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