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About The Feathers Weight Course

The Feathers Weight strategy has been conscientiously developed to eliminate the ambiguity that surrounds today’s modern trading strategies. Feibel Trading have pioneered a unique strategy unseen within the world of trading. The ethos behind the Feathers Weight is to alleviate the possibility of interpretation. As a result the process of execution has strict guidelines and to an extent is a fully rule based system. Ergo this enables traders with limited experience to benefit from this strategy and is an excellent introduction to the methodology that we use at Feibel Trading.

The strategy is transparent and delivered in a methodical, logical manner. Each element that constitutes the fabric of the Feathers Weight is explained concisely with various examples for both bullish and bearish environments. Specifically designed for the intraday trader, yet transferable across all asset classes.

Feibel Trading

Traders whom have experience with LPA: Logical Price Action – The Complete Course or for those well versed in Wyckoff or VSA will benefit greatly, as the Feathers Weight offers the lowest risk, highest odds play from any setup found within the realms of Wyckoff or VSA.

Course curriculum of The Feathers Weight is described as follows:

Video 1: Anatomy Of The Feathers Weight (23m runtime)

  • Introduction
  • The Anatomy
  • Rules
  • Advantages
  • Setup Criteria
  • Entry, Exit and Stops

Videos 2 to 9: Bullish Case Studies (46m runtime)

  • Various Momentum
  • Structure
  • Bar by Bar
  • Demand Zone
  • Failures

Videos 10 – 16: Bearish Case Studies (34m runtime)

  • Various Momentum
  • Structure
  • Bar by Bar
  • Supply Zone
  • Failures

Video 17: Final Words (4m runtime)

  • Benefits of The Feathers Weight

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