The candlestick Trading Bible

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The candlestick Trading Bible

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In this Ebook You Will learn…

  • Candlestick Patterns

    How to recognize the most important candlestick patterns in the market

  • The Market Structure

    How to identify trending markets, ranging markets, and choppy markets.

  • Time Frames Analysis

    How to analyze the market using the top down analysis approach

  • Trading Strategies

    How to trade the market using four price action trading strategies

Why the Candlestick Trading Bible is the Simplest Method Ever?

The Candlestick Trading Bible is based on the T.L.S. method, which is one of the most important principles in the Candlestick Trading Bible approach.The T.L.S. method stands for Trend, Level, and Signal. In other words, when you open your charts, you will look for three important elements:

The trend: you will identify the market trend, and decide whether it is an uptrend, a downtrend, or ranging.

The level: you will find the key levels in the market, which can be support and resistance, trendlines, supply and demand zones …

The signal: you will identify a price action signal such as a pin bar, inside bar, or an engulfing bar…

When you have all three of these simple elements in alignment, then you have the perfect trading opportunity.

Look at the chart example below to see how you can find high probability setups using the T.L.S. trading method.

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