T3live – Advanced Management Strategies AMS

$44.97 $995.00

T3live - Advanced Management Strategies AMS

$44.97 $995.00

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T3live – Advanced Management Strategies AMS

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You Will Learn:

How to take MAXIMUM your shares to target and MINIMUM your shares to stop

How to use the volatility caused by High Frequency Trading (HFT) to your advantage

The tools that matter most when it comes to money management in the markets

How to achieve max gains per trade allowing you to focus on higher quality trade setups

To combine multiple management strategies for optimized profits

To manage risk in a professional manner, making consistent long-term profits

How to avoid getting stopped out by HTF’s

How to use the Pristine powerful concept of Add and Reduce to positions to maximize profits

Learn how you can make money from smaller moves that you would not think is possible