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The Trader Lion’s training program Swing Trading Masterclass by Oliver Kell will teach you the skills you need to make extraordinary performance in trading.

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$79.00 $795.00

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Learn portfolio construction with Trader Lion’s course Swing Trading Masterclass by Oliver Kell

You will learn from the best of the best in this record-breaking trading curriculum that is centered on superperformance. As a result of taking this course, you will be able to streamline your chart analysis and discover how Oliver evaluates price action. You may also learn how to create watchlists and pick the very finest possibilities available in the market by attending this course. You will learn how to identify recurrent patterns that increase your prospects of success, as well as how to safeguard gains and manage positions, in the Swing Trading Masterclass. Despite its seeming simplicity, Oliver’s technique is straightforward to grasp and can be learnt by anybody who is prepared to put in the effort.


What you will be walked through in the Swing Trading Masterclass 

  • Welcome to Oliver Kell’s Swing Trading Masterclass
  • Webinar 1: Market Cycle Mastery
  • Webinar 2: Finding True Market Leaders
  • Webinar 3: Super Performance Setups
  • Webinar 4: Risk Management and Position Management
  • Webinar 5: System Building, Mindset & Trading Psychology


Who is Oliver Kell?

Oliver Kell Course Snack
Oliver Kell Course Snack

Oliver Kell is the founder and sole proprietor of Kell Capital, a full-service investment management business. He won the 2020 United States Investing Championship with an annualized return of 941.10%. His technique is based on William O’Neil’s CAN SLIM method. He is also inspired by Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, Richard Wyckoff, and a slew of other legendary investors.

Oliver Kell began his career as a day trader off the Level 2 screen, progressed to a hedge fund where he executed complicated international arbitrage strategies, and then moved on to BTIG where he executed for major institutional customers. He has amassed a lot of expertise across all facets of the financial markets and has infused the CAN SLIM approach with his own flavor.

His technique is straightforward, simple to comprehend, and accessible to everyone willing to put in the effort. Oliver Kell is all about the small person taking on Wall Street and succeeding. He has gone through many ups and downs while developing his account purely on his own resources. He aims to provide every individual investor with the information necessary to generate significant profits and realize their dreams.


Describing the sales page Trader Lion 

Trader Lion Course Snack
Trader Lion Course Snack

It is likely that you are acquainted with the blue lion, since TraderLion has been a part of numerous worldwide success stories and is a well-known brand in the financial services industry. TraderLion University is less concerned with how much money you earn on a single transaction and more interested with your overall consistency in generating money via a range of transactions. Everything else is secondary; what matters is that you comprehend the principles and develop a skill that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Every trader is unique, and each trader is at a different level of growth. TraderLion University enables you to choose the membership level that best meets your requirements and then let it guide you to the next level of success.

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