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The Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package by Joe Rokup – Simpler Trading allows you to gain your persistent profitability in any condition of the markets.  

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$155.00 $1,297.00

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Understand more about the Strike Zone Strategy created by Joe Rokup 

The majority of day traders fail because they either miss the Strike Zone or get sucked into computer-generated swings when they trade futures If they don’t have simple repeatable setups and specific formulaic inputs, they are unable to control risk, identify trades, and prevent excessive losses. Joe Rokup’s Strike Zone Strategy has made it easy to make frequent improvements while you sleep. As a result, The Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package is developed for traders who want to continuously increase their trading account with a trading strategy that works best for their lifestyle. In this course, Joe is shown how he may make significant money in a short period of time using simple entry signals. This is a must-take for every trader who wants to make a killing in any market.

What await you in this Simpler Trading course Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package 

When the market abruptly shifts in their favor, traders are usually left behind. Both a rapid decrease and an all-time high have been responsible for wiping out accounts recently. A lack of market knowledge and the ability to respond to it has left traders looking for a better strategy to trade and develop their accounts. Trying to figure out what to do about these abrupt market shifts? Joe can help you get your money back on track. Joe Rokup’s Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Class aims to teach you how he can identify market trends and benefit handsomely in less time. It is clear from Joe’s 15-year history that account growth is possible in almost every market. For him, it is now time to continue passing on his unique mix of skills and talents to other merchants. Included in Joe Rokup’s Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 Elite Package are the following sessions:

  • Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 
  • Bonus: Intro to Futures 
  • 2 Days Pro Live-Trading 
  • 2 Days Elite Live-Trading. 

Know more about your expert Joe Rokup

Joe Rokup

Commodity and equity trader and futures specialist, Joe Rokop, began his career as a commercial and proprietary trader. Commodities, indices, and equities have been his primary emphasis for the last fifteen years, via futures, options, and OTC derivatives. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, Joe clerked in the crude oil and natural gas pits after graduating from college. Joe’s expertise on the trading floor provided him a leg up over other retail traders, since he learned abilities that he could use on the computer. Since then, he’s learned a great deal about the market, including how brokers and institutions trade, as well as other arbitrage tactics. Joe Rokop made the switch to electronic markets and over the counter trading as the traffic on the trading floor dwindled. Automated and high-frequency methods were combined with a fundamental approach to trading by the trader. Due to Joe’s experience, he can tell you when it’s best not to employ your usual trading tactics or settings.

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