Strategy Factory Workshop – Kevin Davey (Version 2016)

$47.97 $3,199.00

Kevin Davey - Strategy Factory Workshop

$47.97 $3,199.00

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Author: Kevin Davey

Strategy Factory Workshop

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Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop enables you to learn and track the trading in just 20 hours and helps you in progress and advancement and progress of your trading system.

It is not a regular workshop but it gives access to instructional videos of about 20 hours, a single day live session and a constant email support for about 4 months.

What you will learn in Strategy Factory Workshop

Benefits of Workshop by Kevin Davey

Other than learning the trading strategy development, there are a number of benefits of Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop, which are as follows:

  • You get to see a detailed video on the topic which has covered majorly all the points necessary for trading system.
  • The videos are pre recorded so it’s not only for a single time to watch. You can watch them whenever you want, with your ease.


Kevin Davey is available for $3,499. This workshop seems expensive but the price is much lesser for what is offered in this workshop. You get the services of almost triple of this price. This workshop ensures that you will be able to earn the money back within no time. They also have a 14 days money back guarantee, so if you think it’s not for you. You can get your cash back as well.

About the instructor

Run by a 25 year experienced trading educator, Kevin Davey. He is the author of several awards winning book, “Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems”. He is a well reputed trader and is known for his trading strategies.