Steven Dux – The Secret to Making 7 Figures in a Year


Steven Dux - The Secret to Making 7 Figures in a Year


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Author: Steven Dux

The Secret to Making 7 Figures in a Year

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About the Company:

When first entering the trading industry, steven was lost and no one thought he could do well enough. He wanted to prove them wrong, he wanted to show them he was not who they think he is. So, he put in the hours and continued to practice, polish. He made more than a million dollars, in just one year.

Steven learned everything he did by making mistakes at first but showed continued motivation. He dedication to his passion and overcame his mistakes and perfected his craft. Once he accomplished this, he realized that the road behind him was a very gruesome one, that it took a lot from him to be able to achieve his goals. He didn’t want others to suffer the way he did just so they could understand trading better. An online streaming platform where people could easily access all the information that steven had built up through years of hardship and apply it to their own trading style.

About the Product:

In the online streaming course of The Secret to Making 7 Figures in a Year, Steven shares with you the secret to how he managed to turn $27K into $1.3M in just one year. If you are beginner level trader, then this streaming course is designed specially for you. Learn from someone who started from nothing and made it to the top all on their own, if he can do it then so can you. The main reason for this product to even exist is simply to pass on the knowledge that steven has accumulated through his vast experience in the trading industry. If you agree with steven and think that most online courses are chock full of unnecessary information and only give very few actual pieces of information.


Following are the key features of The Secret to Making 7 Figures in a Year by Steven Dux

  • You will learn the market basics and psychology.
  • Learn about long and short side trading.
  • You will learn risk management strategies.
  • You will be taught about the statistics database.
  • Steven’s top trading strategies, tried and tested by himself.

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