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Profinacci Complete Course

About this book

Introducing The Ultimate Way to Profit from Fibonacci Trading,’ A New Step-by-Step Systematic Strategy for Commodity Trading, Stock Trading, Futures Trading & Forex Trading.

Impulsive Profits, a leading stock trading training company, announces the release of Profinacci” — a step-by-step systematic strategy for trading futures, forex, and stocks.

This is the absolute best way to profit from the best trading practices turbocharged by Fibonacci,” said system creator Stephen Pierce of Impulsive Profits. If an investor can operate a simple calculator, they can trade with Profinacci! Now, finally, everyone has the potential to profit from the ‘golden ratio’ of Fibonacci.”

Your explanation of the different applications of the formula and rule driven approach, across a range of markets, is very clear and easy to understand. I can immediately see a use for the system to help me define market pivot points that are ideal for selling options,” said Murray Priestly, a devoted client of Impulsive Profits and Stephen Pierce. “I suggest going to to get a copy.” said Murray.

“I am extremely pleased with Stephen’s Profinacci program; traders will now have the ability to more easily and quickly understand how to use Fibonacci analysis in trading futures, stocks and forex markets,” said Guy Edrington, President, New World Trading Ltd. “I am very impressed with the course, software and trading system. I would strongly encourage all traders who are serious about become successful l to purchase Profinacci.”

The golden ratio that Fibonacci discovered really can be found everywhere,” Pierce said. It’s in sunflower seeds, in bee colonies, in the measurements of the human body and in the financial world. Profinacci takes advantage of this latter occurrence to allow investors to easily anticipate and take advantage of market reversals.”

The complete Profinacci system includes: a tutorial CD containing the complete Profinacci Trading System; a CD containing the FREE Profinacci (Fibonacci) Calculator Software; a Tutorial CD containing 61 Forex Trading videos (recorded LIVE) showing Stephen Pierce applying Fibonacci analysis and giving Forex trade recommendations as provided to clients of his Desktop Market Analysis service; and a Tutorial CD containing 47 Futures Trading videos (recorded LIVE) showing Stephen Pierce applying Fibonacci analysis and giving trade recommendations.

According to Pierce, the Profinacci” package is designed to help traders: identify entry and exit points with market direction over the short or mid term; allocate equity and margin their account for more balanced and profitable trading; quickly and easily create Fibonacci Retracement and Expansion levels, to eliminate guesswork or confusion in selecting the market swing points to measure from; learn precisely how to select the right pivots to gauge the obvious Fibonacci levels, as well as the not so obvious levels; precisely enter and exit the market and clearly see entry points, protective stop levels, and profit targets; and much, much more.

Author: Stephen A.Pierce

Dr. Stephen A. Pierce is a cardiologist in Austin, Texas. He received his medical degree from Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University and has been in practice for more than 20 years.