Stanley Kroll – Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy

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Author: Stanley Kroll

A fellow trader kindly pointed me in the direction of the works of Stanley Kroll, who was a trader from the early 1960’s. He passed away in 1999. He was a trend follower who preached simplicity, and was greatly influenced by two books I have quoted from in the past – namely Edwin Lefevre’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (the biography of Jesse Livermore)

Kroll on Futures Trading

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Stanley Kroll – Kroll on Futures Trading Strategy

A legendary trader shares his market savvy with you in this insightful and engaging new book. It’s like having dinner with a veteran trader and having him share his experience and knowledge with you. Among the topics addressed and discussed:

— importance of a viable strategy and sound money management

— How to develop a successful strategy

— Creating and using a trading system

— Identifying and trading the trend