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About the course Split Strike Calendar Class in a Volatile Market

Options are a crucial tool for investors when market conditions deteriorate. Some investors shudder at the thought of options, yet there are numerous options techniques available to assist decrease the risk of market volatility. The calendar spread is a strategy that can be used in any market condition. Dan and Mark will teach you a new method that they developed over the last year in the Split Strike Calendar Class by Sheridanmentoring. There has never been a course like Split Calendar Class. They devised this approach to reduce calendar risk exposure on the downside while also trading in line with how the market often trades, with faster moves to the downside and more grinding up movement to the upside. Dan and Mark have been trading this approach on a regular basis this year and are delighted to share the Methodology and Risk Management with you.

Split Strike Calendar Class from Sheridanmentoring is an on-demand class in which each session will last approximately one hour, each event will be recorded and preserved for your reference, and each event will include a pdf of presentation slides, if needed.

An introduction to the trainer Dan Sheridan and his sales page Sheridanmentoring

Sheridan Mentoring

Sheridan Options Mentoring’s founder and CEO is Dan Sheridan. He has over 30 years of expertise trading options and teaching traders all around the world. Sheridan Options Mentoring was the first to offer personal options training and mentoring. Thousands of pupils have been taught to trade with confidence and skill over the last decade. Individuals interested in trading stock options can take advantage of Sheridan Options Mentoring’s specialized lessons and support. This one-of-a-kind training experience provides students with live trading knowledge as well as one-on-one mentorship sessions with Dan Sheridan. Along with training sessions, students have access to hundreds of archived sessions with Dan and other mentors on a variety of topics, like weekly calendars, butterflies, and long-term strategy, to name a few.

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Split Strike Calendar Class Social Screenshot