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Yuri Shamenko Videos on SMB include a wide range of topics, from ActReact Vortex to All-Time High Natal Analysis, Planetary Stepping, etc., which benefits you significantly in your trading.

Description of Yuri Shamenko Videos from SMB

Action Reaction Lines is a part of Yuri Shamenko Videos from SMB. There is a response to every action. The action is on the left side of the chart, or in the past; the response is on the right side of the chart, or in the future. Action lines are drawn via a past pivot point at the same angle as the reference line. The future on the right side of the chart represents the reaction. The reaction lines are drawn at the same angle as the reference line and at the same distance as the action lines. 

The Yuri Shamenko Videos from SMB will walk you through not only Action Reaction Lines but also a number of topics as described in the video list below:

  • Action Reaction Lines – YouTube.mp4 
  • Action Reaction Lines.mp4 
  • ActReact Vortex – YouTube.mp4 
  • ActReact Vortex.mp4 
  • All-Time High Natal Analysis.mp4 
  • Ellipse Examples.mp4 
  • Ellipse Symmetry – YouTube.MP4 
  • Fibonacci Time Projection – YouTube.mp4 
  • Market Geometry Basics.mp4 
  • Marki Math – YouTube.mp4 
  • Planetary Stepping.mp4 
  • ReadMe.txt 
  • Stock Natals per Sepharial – YouTube.mp4 
  • Streaks and Mirrors.mp4 29/4/2020 MB 

The Yuri Shamenko Videos from SMB is about 711 MB in size which is definitely worth your time and money. 

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