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SMB – The Rhino Options Strategy

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SMB’s Rhino Options Strategy is called after the tough-skinned species because of its two horned profile, which teaches you how to stay stable in the volatility of the markets. 

What make The Rhino Options Strategy by SMB unique and favorable

In The Rhino Options Strategy course by SMB you will learn the strategy that gives you:

  • A positive Theta trade with a long Vega component to assist stabilize the profile amid quick fluctuations in volatility, providing you with a more consistent and predictable PnL.
  • A strategy that likes neutral and bearish market swings while having unique techniques to drastically minimize risk during runaway bull markets, giving you a larger chance of success and a smaller likelihood of catastrophic drawdown.
  • A risk-averse trade method that only involves checking on the position once per day and decreases the likelihood of encountering numerous consecutive losses.

Below is the contents of The Rhino Options Strategy course by SMB:

  • Trading instructions for the RUT (Russell 2000 Index) and SPX (S&P 500) index options
  • Everything from the large picture to the finer points of trading this technique with as much discretion or impartiality as you desire.
  • Guidelines for Planned Capital ($25,000 maximum per transaction lot)
  • How to Get Started and Scale Up
  • Various modifications with multiple examples
  • Rules for different profit objectives depend on the amount of time till expiry
  • How to Configure the OptionVUE Model for Rule-Based Management
  • Specific rules for adjusting to the positive and downside
  • Learn about the Three Trade Priorities (#1 Capital Preservation, #2 Ease of Management, and #3 Profits).
  • How the market performed in 2008, as well as flash collapses
  • Management of the transaction on a daily basis (once per day, anytime of day that you prefer)
  • How to overlap transactions without complicating management
  • Advice on psychology and consistency so you can put the trade’s high success rate to work for you.
  • Details on the basic components and how to change them: Call Calendars, Call Broken-wing Butterflies, Vertical Spreads, and Condors.
  • How to Reduce Profit Goals Using Gamma and Days to Expiration

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