Simplertrading – Stacked Profits Strategy Elite Package

$69.97 $797.00

Simplertrading - Stacked Profits Strategy

$69.97 $797.00

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Simplertrading – Stacked Profits Strategy Elite Package

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Basic + Pro + Elite Live Trading

With the Elite Package you get the Pro Package, the Saturday Strategy Class, 2 days of Pro Live-Trading PLUS 2 days of Elite Live-Trading PLUS class trade review, trading plan, and psychology portion with Danielle Shay!

The first two live trading sessions will show you how to create the trades.

So come back and revisit them after the fact, to understand HOW they play out. Danielle will go over these trades, along with a final trading plan review and psychology session.

Each additional live-trading day multiplies your learning experience and profit potential.

With the Elite Package, you give yourself the chance to maximize this exclusive opportunity. This package is for you if you want to join Danielle for 2 additional live trading days.

Few strategies can profit in trending and choppy conditions.

Danielle’s Stacked Profits is designed to precisely catch up and down swings. And it almost doesn’t matter what the market does.

Danielle’s breakthrough strategy offers high-profit potential with low-risk because she’s turning $2 into $5 or even $6 almost like clockwork. This is your chance to discover exactly how to take advantage of these ‘Double Dollar Profit’ butterflies.

In this Saturday Stacked Profits class session you’ll discover:

How to hit regular home runs without striking out (even if you’re new to trading)

Danielle’s Stacked Profit Formula (including her awesome Watchlist, Checklist, and Scans)

The secret to turning $1 into $3 (or more) for true exponential profit potential

How to quickly and easily adapt to trending and choppy market conditions

How to strictly limit risk and enjoy rapid returns with confidence